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Integrated Drone UAV Jammer 1 - 2km Drone Detection And Shielding System


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Integrated Drone UAV Jammer 1 - 2km Drone Detection And Shielding System

Brand Name : EST

Model Number : EST-DDJS

Certification : CE, RoHS

Place of Origin : China Mainland

MOQ : 1

Payment Terms : Western Union, T/T, Paypal

Delivery Time : 5-10 working days after payment received

Detection Frequency Range : 10MHz~6GHz

4 interference bands : RC915, GPS L1, 2.4G, 5.8G

Maximum power consumption : 230W

Total Weight : 12.25KG

Host Size : Diameter: 400mm; Height: 555mm

Antenna Bracket Size : Diameter: 260mm; Height: 923mm (4.32kg)

Mobile Power : Capacity: 25000mAh Weight: 5.2KG

Function : Up to 20 featured functions

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Integrated Drone UAV Jammer 1 - 2km Drone Detection And Shielding System


Frequency range of detection receiver: 10MHz~6GHz
Real-time bandwidth: 160MHz
4 interference bands & output powers:
1. RC915: 900-930MHz(industrial drone)--------20W
2. GPS L1: 1559-1610MHz--------------------------10W
3. 2.4G WIFI: 2400-2485MHz-----------------------25W
4. 5.8G WIFI: 5725-5850MHz-----------------------20W

Frequency range: 300MHz-6GHz
Horizontal detection angle: 0 °~360 °
Vertical detection angle: -30°~ +90°

Integrated drone detection and countermeasure device:
Maximum power consumption: 230W
Working temperature: -20℃~+ 60℃
Storage temperature: -40℃~+ 70℃
Total Weight: 12.25KG
Size: 400mm in diameter * 555mm in height

Antenna Bracket
Weight: 4.32KG
Size: Diameter 260mm * Closed height 923mm

Mobile Power:
Capacity: 25000mAh
Weight: 5.2KG

Spectrum Subsystem Software and Functions:
1. Unmanned aircraft identification and positioning: Using radio frequency spectrum detection, ⁕ can simultaneously identify and locate 8 unmanned aircraft models, automatically pop up the detection result window, identify the unmanned aircraft picture, display the unmanned aircraft model and azimuth , ►Elevation angle, frequency of use, level and distance, the drone disappears automatically and the detection results are rearranged.

2. Fast identification and positioning: recognition time <1s; measured orientation, time <3s. Within the detection range of the visibility condition, the drone can be identified and located when it is turned on.

3. Detection result list: the recognized drones need to be displayed in this list, and the models, time, azimuth, and elevation angles of the drones and operators identified within the detection range must be saved Distance and altitude information and can be exported as a report.

4. Single-station three-dimensional positioning: Using radio spectrum detection, the distance between the drone and the controller can be roughly measured using a complex algorithm under the conditions of single station and single location. Achieve single station 3D positioning function.

5. Map display function: The position of the drone and the controller is marked under the 2D (3D) map, and data such as latitude, longitude, altitude, and distance are displayed.

6. The detection and defense angle can be set: According to the detected geographical situation, if the back is high mountains or high-rise buildings, you only need to protect the unmanned aircraft in front. ; The pitch angle in the vertical direction can also be set according to actual needs.

7. Distance calibration: For different electromagnetic environments, there will be errors in the detected distance. The system can provide distance calibration detection to allow the unmanned aircraft to fly at a height of 500 meters at a distance of 500 meters and the system will automatically calibrate and detect Distance to make the detection distance more accurate.

8. Detection frequency band can be set: According to the actual frequency band of the drone, the detection frequency band can be recorded and edited to make the detection more efficient. It is not necessary to sweep the frequency band for detection.

9. General alert and high alert: In order to meet the needs of long-term use in fixed places, the system has a general alert function, usually using omnidirectional antenna detection, as a general alert, when unmanned aircraft is found, use directional antenna detection to activate altitude Be alert and locate drones.

10. Full-band detection: The frequency band detected by the system equipment is from 10MHz-6GHz, and the antenna covers the frequency band from 380MHz-6GHz. It maintains a good gain flatness in the entire frequency band. Unmanned aircraft detection in all common frequency bands from multi-megahertz to 6GHz can also be detected at frequencies below 380MHz, and the detection distance is reduced.

11. Remote control means flying hand positioning function: During the detection process, the system will detect the positioning remote control signal while detecting and locating various types of unmanned aircraft, which is also the flying hand positioning function. The detection and positioning distance of the DJI remote control within the range is> 800 meters

12. Intelligent linkage countermeasures: Based on the frequency band, azimuth, and elevation angles of the unmanned aircraft detected, you can choose the number of unmanned aircraft to counter. The azimuth and elevation angle of the signal transmission countermeasures, countermeasures can improve 4-6 times, and can avoid transmitting in all frequency bands, and transmitting at all angles, will not endanger normal communications such as wifi, and accidentally hurt the whitelist. aircraft.

13. Evacuation and forced landing: The system provides two modes of evacuation (let the aircraft return to the flight with one click) and forced landing, which can be selected according to the scene environment, and prompts "use GPS interference carefully to avoid affecting aircraft navigation".

14. Model Feature Recording: For the new model, the system can record image transmission and frequency hopping feature data, automatically record, and the menu will pop up automatically after recording, the next time you can automatically identify the model. The special recording function can meet the identification needs of industrial-grade unmanned aircraft.

15. Electromagnetic Situation Sensing [Invented Patent Technology]: Electromagnetic situation perception can judge whether the electromagnetic environment of the erected place is complicated according to this function, and automatically give the reference level and signal gain suitable for the environment, no need for professionals Judgment and operation, the system will be suitable for the selected location, to provide reference suggestions to the detection personnel, so as to select the best electromagnetic environment, which is conducive to detecting longer distances.

16. Voice prompt function: the system will automatically voice prompt alarm information and key operations.

17. Equipment self-positioning function: The system has the dual positioning capabilities of GPS and Beidou, as well as its own prescribed position, without the need to manually adjust the azimuth, and the position can be placed arbitrarily.

18. Integrated detection and countermeasure and antenna [Invented patented technology]: The system equipment is different from conventional detection and defense equipment, but integrates detection, countermeasure and full-band antenna in one, compact and easy to use, stable and reliable, and use Convenient and suitable for rapid deployment.

19. Model Autonomous Identification in the Air [Invented Patent Technology]: For unmanned aircraft models that the system does not have, the system has the function of autonomous learning and identification and judgment, and it displays as unknown models. If the model is known, it can be automatically stored in the system and identified as the model next time. It can also detect and locate illegally assembled unmanned aircraft.

20. Identification and positioning of industrial-grade unmanned aircraft: Special intelligent spectrum algorithm design, beyond ordinary detection equipment, can identify and locate industrial-grade unmanned aircraft [can carry more explosives], or even assembled unmanned Airplanes are more adapted to the prevention and control of terrorist attacks.

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